Oct 30 2019 - 10:30am to 11:45am

Oral Health

The presentation will include information regarding the "Nebraska Early Dental Health Starter Kit",and other preventive oral health programs available for children birth to five.
-Jessica O. Ball

Identifying Deaf or Hard of Hearing Infants Early Helps Children Reach Their Full Potential

  1. Brief overview of the Nebraska Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (NE-EHDI) Program History & Purpose.
  2. Explain why Newborn Hearing Screening is Important.
  3. Discuss how EHDI and home visitors can partner to improve outcomes so children identified as deaf or hard of hearing can reach their full potential.

-Brenda Coufal

Newborn Bloodspot Screening, What Home Visitors Need to Know (and then some!)

Understanding how newborn dried bloodspot screening is done, what is screened for, and why some babies need repeat screening or additional follow-up can help prepare Home Visitors to help new parents respond appropriately when they need to take follow-up actions for their infants. This presentation will include an overview of the diseases screened, consequences for babies when they don't get timely follow-up and treatment, and positive outcomes when follow-up and treatment is timely!
-Julie Luedtke

Keep Lead from Lurking: Lead Testing and Healthy Homes to Help Prevent Childhood Lead Poisoning

Children across Nebraska are at risk for lead poisoning in both urban and rural areas. Low-income and minority children are more likely to live in older housing that exposes them to lead, making them particularly at risk for lead exposure. Exposure to even low amounts of lead is associated with impacts to children's growth and development. This presentation will focus on sources of lead, lead screening tests for children, and recommendations for providers and families if lead is found.
-Erin Ayad, MPH